Pankaj Sharma (Editorial adviser, International Affairs & Foreign Policies)

nb-nairPankaj is International Visitor Leadership Program( IVLP), Government of United States Alumni who posses a special expertise on issues pertaining to developmental issue and developing economies. He is regularly consulted by global public policy experts, think tanks, governments across the globe and corporates including 2 of the Big 4 on the developmental and policy issues.

He has interacted and lectured on multitude of developmental topics at Ivy League institutes like Stanford, George Mason, Rice and top Indian Universities, in enhancing their understanding of the Indian socio-economic trends and its impact on the global trends. He has been widely quoted in national and international media like Wall Street Journal , Business Week, Christian Science Monitor, Forbes, New York Times, Khaleej Times, Times( London), Reuters, AFP, India Today, Le Monde, Economist, Times of India, Hindustan Times, etc.

He has also been a freelance writer having written on multitude of subjects in Indian and International dailies, specifically in domains of politics, developmental and social issues, in leading Indian publications like The Mint, Indian Express, Economic Times, Financial Express, etc.

He is an active participant in the Global Executive Forum and the Opinion Leader’s Panel of the Economist Intelligence Unit.